Ajay Maken’s tweet attack on Milind Deora for Kejriwal praise

Congress leader Ajay Maken attacked party colleague Milind Deora for praising Arvind Kejriwal, who took oath as Delhi Chief Minister for the third time on Sunday.

‘Sharing a lesser known and welcome fact – the @ArvindKejriwal-led Delhi Government doubled its revenues to Rs 60,000 crore and maintained a revenue surplus over the last 5 years. Food for thought: Delhi is now one of India’s most fiscally prudent governments,’ Deora said on Twitter on Sunday.

Maken hit back, asking Deora to leave the party and then propagate half-baked facts.

‘Brother,you want to leave @INCIndia-Please do-Then propagate half baked facts! However,let me share even lesser know facts-1997-98-BE (Revenue) 4,073cr 2013-14-BE (Revenue) 37,459cr During Congress Govt Grew at 14.87% CAGR 2015-16 BE 41,129 2019-20 BE 60,000 AAP Gov 9.90% CAGR,’ Maken said in response to Deora’s tweet.

Before the Assembly elections on February 8, Arvind Kejriwal had released his government’s report card where he listed the work done and funds utilised for it. Kejriwal had referred to the report released by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India which had said that Delhi is the only state government with surplus funds.

Responding to the criticism by other parties, Kejriwal had said at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit (HTLS) in December last year, ‘I gave back the money to you (people of Delhi) by cutting down on certain expenses and building better infrastructure in Delhi. What’s wrong in that?’

Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had made development as its poll plank and countered all the other narratives going into the polls with it. The party’s campaign was focussed on development and it helped the party win Assembly elections in Delhi.

The Congress drew blank in the February 8 polls – its second consecutive duck in Delhi polls. Voices stated surfacing after the party’s rout, with many Congress leader suggesting taking some action instead of intospection. Others blamed the delay in decision making.

Though the Congress acknowledged the defeat and vowed to make a comeback, leaders like PC Chacko said that the downfall started with Sheila Dikshit, the party’s stalwart in Delhi who passed away in July last year.

Deora had recently refuted that statement. ‘Sheila Dikshit ji was a remarkable politician & administrator. During her tenure as Chief Minister, Delhi was transformed and Congress was stronger than ever. Unfortunate to see her being blamed after her death. She dedicated her life to INC India and the people of Delhi,’ Deora had tweeted, with a snippet of Chacko’s statement embedded.

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