Ajit Doval says Pakistan is under biggest pressure from FATF

Doval,who was addressing a meeting of the chiefs of the anti-terrorism squads

Ajit Doval says Pakistan is under pressure from FATF, to rein in terror groups operating from its soil due to the ongoing proceedings at FATF meeting in Paris.

Doval,who was addressing a meeting of the chiefs of the anti-terrorism squads,said the biggest pressure on Pakistan comes from the functionaries of the FATF.


“One of the biggest pressure that has come on Pakistan today is because of the proceedings of the FATF. The FATF has created so much pressure.If you (NIA and other investigating agencies) could collect correct and sustainable information, you can put them up on international forums and platforms effectively,”Doval said.

He said everybody knew that Pakistan is “supporting and financing terrorism”.

“But the point is that one needs to put evidence in these (like FATF) forums.And it can be done by you because you understand the case and know how information can be converted into evidence,”Doval told the investigators.

Noting that “we are not targeting any particular country”,Doval said facts were still facts.

“Our duty is to put the fact at right place and right forum. We should continue our efforts. So, depend on facts, preserve it and don’t destroy them.Put these evidences in the forums nationally and internationally.

“Even if we say that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism terrorism, we need evidence.So,don’t destroy the evidence,”said Doval.

Hitting out at Islamabad,Doval said that supporting terrorism is the state policy of Pakistan.

“If a criminal has the support of a state, it becomes a great challenge. Some of the states have mastered this, in our case Pakistan has made it as an instrument of its state policy,”said Doval.

“It is state-sponsored terrorism.They not only recruit,provide training,weapons,intelligence etc but they also give them the higher degree of deniability,and resources and technology due to which intelligence agencies are not able to figure them out, degrade them or find their tentacles,”said Doval.

“Further, the approach of the judiciary is to treat the terrorism cases at par with the ordinary crime, they apply the same benchmark,” he said.

He also said that the impact that NIA has been able to make against terrorism in Kashmir is more than any other agency.

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