Akshay Kumar drinks “Elephant Poop Tea”with Bear Grylls

Akshay Kumar will feature alongside Bear Grylls in an upcoming episode of the adventure show Into The Wild

Akshay Kumar is all set to appear in the new epsiode of ‘Into The Wild’ with Bear Grylls.He now shared a video in which the actor is seen drinking elephant poop tea with the survivalist. Called ‘mad adventure’,the episode saw Akshay perform stunts.

Meanwhile,Bear Grylls was involved in finding ways to survive in the wild Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Sharing a video from that, Akshay tweeted, “I visualized stiff challenges prior to #IntoTheWildWithBearGrylls but @bearGrylls completely surprised me with the elephant poop tea. What a day.”

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‘Into The Wild with ’,will follow all military style drills, with former British military personnel Bear Grylls taking charge along with fit and agile Akshay Kumar,son of a military officer, and somebody who has donned multiple hats, including that of an actor,producer,martial artist and philanthropist.The show will be available in 7 languages including Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada, Telugu, Bengali and English.

Sharing his experience, Akshay shared, “I have always admired Bear Grylls for his energy,passion and what he has stood for all these years.It was a humbling experience being with him in the wild as he went about unfolding one challenge after another.It is different out there,as compared to movie sets, as there is no back-up that sense of realism is very overpowering.Bear is a knowledge reservoir and he dipped well into his knowledge of surviving in the wild, and shared interesting and new techniques with me.”

Bear Grylls in turn had a lot to say about Akshay. “I did my homework prior to meeting Akshay, and knew he is a superstar, but what struck me the most during our time together,was his humility, his easy approach he is,at heart,still that guy next door. Lots of commonalities between the two of us including passion towards fitness, dedication to family etc,I really enjoyed being with him Akshay’s eyes lit-up with the mention of a new challenge and believe me,not many celebrities, across the world,have reacted so warmly to some harsh tasks that I can conjure.”

Into The Wild With Bear Grylls featuring Akshay Kumar will premiere on September 11 on Discovery Plus App and September 14 on Discovery Channel.

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