Akshay Kumar: Rajinikanth sir is very professional & humble man

Rajinikanth Sir & I Used to Talk in Marathi on 2.0 Sets: Akshay

Everyone who has worked with him, doesn’t fail to sing praises of the megastar Rajinikanth . Akshay will soon be seen playing the bad man in Shankar’s 2.0 starring Rajinikanth.

In a recent group interview during the promotions of 2.0 the actor said that Rajinikanth is a very humble man and it is this quality he would like to imbibe.

Akshay Kumar,He is very professional and a very humble man. He is what he is, there is no putting on a different image. Even when it comes to his looks, he is what he is.

He is not worried about how his hair is looking or anything. He comes in front of you, just the way he is. That speaks volumes about him.
He also shares some anecdotes from the film sets.

Akshay Kumar,We used to speak in Marathi on the sets because he is a Maharashtrian and I can also speak in Marathi.

But what Akshay finds extraordinary about him as an actor is the spunk that he injects in every dialogue that he mouths.

Akshay Kumar, ActorYou give Rajini sir any regular dialogue, and he will transform it into an epic one. So basically I would say he makes every dialogue entertaining.

And when he was asked what is the fun part about playing a bad guy, this is what Akshay had to say.

Akshay Kumar, When you are playing a villain you shoot for less number of days. I just shot for forty days, thirty-eight days to be precise, while Mr Rajinikanth shot for a period which was a double of that.

Akshay raves about the professionalism of the Tamil film industry or Kollywood in comparison to Bollywood. He says, “They are more professional. If the shoot has to start at 7.30, it means that it will start at 7.30. Here 7.30 means, come by 9.30-10. You can learn a lot from them.”

Akshay Kumar, I feel a newcomer should do at least five films there and then come here (Bollywood). He will learn a lot from there. They take 35 to 40 shots in a day, we do about 12 to 13 shots. They are fast.

They don’t take others for granted. They value others’ time. Respecting time is what they teach there and I appreciate it.

2.0 reportedly made on a budget of Rs 500 crore has apparently recovered as much as Rs 370 crore through satellite and digital rights, ahead of the film’s release.

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