Alia Bhatt’s Raazi Trailer, Some Moments

Raazi Trailer: Alia Bhatt aka Sehmat will leave you with a tirade of emotions

Alia Bhatt manage to crank it up a notch with every performance. We just watched the trailer of Raazi and we haven’t quite recovered from the marvel it was.

Based on Harinder Sikka’s novel, Calling Sehmat, Raazi is story of an Indian girl named Sehmat who plays a spy while being married to a Pakistani officer.

Apart from playing a spy, Sehmat has to live up to her other roles as well – that of a daughter and a wife. This a journey of a girl who makes sacrifices, takes tough decisions and stands up for her country come what may.

Raazi is going to be a path-breaking film in Alia’s career as she slips into her character with much depth and ease. We are no longer surprised of what Alia is capable of.

She manages to pull a rabbit out of her hat everytime. While we can continue to gush about this trailer, here are some moments that we just can’t get over.

Sehmat decides to play spy: This is the moment that changes Sehmat life forever. She is about to take on a mission she can’t get out of no matter what the circumstances.

Sehmat’s life takes a dramatic turn with this one move. It’s a defining moment that becomes the starting point of things to come.

Her chemistry with Vicky Kaushal –

Now this is a pair that should have been discovered much earlier.

Their endearing yet intense chemistry makes them our favourite right from the start.

Vicky’s character is in love with Sehmat and has no qualms showing it. These two perfectly complement each other and bring out the best in one another.

Training –

Along with playing a daughter and a wife, Alia is constantly on duty. She is always training and working out as a spy. She never switches off. The way she seamlessly flits between charactera is remarkable.

Moments of Sacrifice –

There are moments when Sehmat is broken, resentful, angry but she can’t do nothing. As usual, Alia pulls off intense scenes with such skill that you feel for her character. She makes you root for Sehmat all the way.

Sehmat the fighter –

If there’s one thing Sehmat makes clear is that she’s a fighter! Even in the face of death, she will go on fearlessly. Nothing stops Sehmat from doing the right thing even it is at the cost of her life. Her delicate features are only a shield to her iron steel personality.

Watch the trailer below:

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