The day is painful for pretty much everybody unless you’re like those super happy types.

No one likes to work especially if it is monday as everyone like to relax on weekends and monday is the sign to work for 5 more days continuously without a break.
10 more minutes of sleep is everything- sad to know,reality calls and you need to exit dreamland.

Do i have to go? seriously? either its work or college no one wants to leave their comfort zone.
Everything feels like never ending,especially if your work place is away,it is very painful.
Cant we wait to do that work! i mean no one is in the mood to work right now.

People mostly get angry if you try to talk to them as 100’s of thoughts are moving around head.
Every one wants more than one weekend each week,it sounds crazy? but we wish na!,why cant there be another friday?
Why i need to do it? why not someone else? why always me.
A minute at work feels like an hour,why time is not moving man!

Do you people feel the same? do let us know.
At last after the day end we feel like it was not that bad still why it is not a motivating monday!

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