ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT “Situationship”-trending now a days.

here we will portray why situationship is toxic for us.

everyone likes stable relationships,but now a days people live with persons according to their convenience,they do not want to give a tag to their relation and this situation is nothing but situationship. it is a very temporary affair and can damage one badly.
firstly, it keeps you hanging as you are not sure about this relationship will stay or end and this do not allow to be close to anyone.

not only this but relations generate expectations and if they are not fulfilled one gets disappointment and one of the two might be serious about each other.

not only this it may also keep you away from the right person as you are being with someone who is making you happy but this is temporary,you might be playing with your own future.

as you are not sure about the relationship it may add one more failure to you list,due to not having surety.

you are investing so much of your time energy and money one some one who will not even stay with you. so it hurts your emotions and is not worth at all.

the most important drawback is the time which you could have invested to built your career or to find a good life partner is gone forever making you stand on the same place again.

lastly, it change you as a person as your situations are hurt now you will not trust anyone so easily.

so instead of showing off end your half relationship now for better tomorrow.
never settle for less.


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