Alok Nath in a State of Tremendous Shock

Alok Nath's lawyer Ashok Saraogi told a leading news channel that he is in a state of tremendous shock after the allegations against him and will address the media after 2 days.

Vinta Nanda’s, account of rape harassment, brutalization and isolation that she faced 19 years ago shocked one and all. The writer and producer of the show, Tara, alleged that she was sexually exploited and harassed by the lead actor, Alok Nath.

She has received immense support on social media. Vinta held a press conference today and said that she is fearless today as she has let it out. She said that the man who has done this to her should feel ashamed. Vinta also shared that she is meeting her advisors and will decide on a plan of action soon.

Alok Nath reacted to Vinta’s post and said that he would neither agree with her account nor deny it. He told ABP News that ‘rape must have happened’ but added that someone else must have done it.

He further said that he has made Vinta whatever she is today and that people are tarnishing his image. He also told that whatever Vinta has shared is her perspective. Now, Alok Nath’s lawyer Ashok Saraogi has told Republic TV that he is in a state of tremendous shock and has been advised bed rest by the doctors.

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Alok Nath’s lawyer said that Alok Nath will speak to the media and will call a press conference after 2 days.

Meanwhile, CINTAA has extended full support to Vinta and Sushant Singh assured her that a show cause notice will be sent to Alok Nath. The Senior Joint Secretary of CINTAA also said that they will look into the possibility of initiating an action in this case.

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