Amazon India appoints NUOAURA as its India office supplies vendor

E-commerce giant Amazon India has announced its tie-up with NUOAURA (the B2B ecommerce platform that sells office supplies) for a period of three years for an undisclosed amount.

This move helps Amazon India automate their entire procurement process for Stationary Supplies, thereby bringing efficiency in their sourcing system. NUOAURA, an Arkarise Group Venture, is a first-of-its-kind online megastore for Indian businesses for buying all kinds of Office Supplies, Consumables and Merchandising needed on a routine basis. It was founded by Sharad Jaiprakash in January 2016.

Amazon India has six large office locations at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Delhi NCR housing more than 30,000 employees having multiple vendors on board with multiple contracts running. offers a cloud platform for companies to centralise their buying needs with customised pricing and online catalogue management and automated approval process. Apparently, Amazon India also uses online sourcing platform and they intend to integrate its platform with to automate this entire process and bring in more transparency in buying and also save man-hours spent on vendor coordination and logistics. Given that NUOAURA has built a large supplier base pan India since their inception, they are able to provide multi-location delivery capabilities with consistency in product and pricing and thus assuring best deals and streamlined procurement process to its clients.

“This tie up is a part of our strategy to become leaders in this categories with high repeat order rates. Nuoaura crossed over half a million dollar mark within 10 months of operations and is currently seeing 52 percent quarterly growth with positive cash flow,” said founder NUOAURA, Sharad Jaiprakash.

“We have partnered with Nuoaura to consolidate all our business buys, pan India, through a ‘one window format’. So instead of 10 offices looking for multiple vendors in 10 different markets, we automate the entire process and therefore bring efficiency in the system. And since Nuoaura has more than large vendor base PAN India, we are assured of the best deals. It is an excellent solution for us,” said an official from Amazon India.

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