American National Allegedly killed by Sentinelese Tribe in Andaman Islands

US Man Killed by Andaman Tribe an "Adventure Enthusiast".

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Thursday, called John Allen Chau, an American national who was allegedly killed by the Sentinelese tribe in Andaman Islands after he reached the island to convert them to Christianity, more of an “adventure enthusiast” and less of a “preacher”, reported.

The MHA added that in visiting the Sentinels on the highly restricted island, Chau had violated local laws.

According to what officials, Chau, who was on a mission to take Christianity to this indigenous tribe, had not gone the legal route he had reportedly not informed the police nor sought permission from the Forest Department and the local administration before paying local fishermen money to take him to the North Sentinal island.

The MHA also said that the Restricted Area Permit (RAP) had been withdrawn from 29 islands in June, which included the North Sentinel Island, that required foreigners to take “special permission” to visit them, the report added.

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