Amid cash crunch spreading; Rahul Gandhi targets ‘Modi government’ yet again

pockets of businessmen like Nirav Modi have been filled instead

With cash crunch emerging to be a nation-wide phenomena now, the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi attacked the government and said that “terror of note ban” has once again gripped the nation.

Gandhi went on to accuse Prime Minister Narendra Modi of destroying the country’s banking system owing to the decision of demonetization.

While visiting Amethi, his parliamentary constituency, Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter and alleged that Modi snatched the money from common man’s pocket.

He said that the pockets of businessmen like Nirav Modi have been filled instead.

Modiji’s ‘Mallya maya’, the terror of note ban is again spreading. The country’s ATMs are again empty, what has been done to the country’s banks,” he tweeted.

He alleged that Modi did not speak a word “after Nirav Modi fled the country with Rs 1,000 crore”.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley admitted of temporary currency shortage in some states but added that it is being tackled by the government.

He assured that there is more than adequate currency in circulation.

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