Amid concern over Kurds, Turkey and US may have arrived at a settlement

Amid concern over the fate of Kurds, it is now being said that the Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US counterpart Donald Trump mooted creation of a “security zone” in north Syria.

This as tensions rose over the fate of Kurdish fighters in that country.

It was informed that the issue was deliberated upon in a telephone conversation between the two leaders.

It need be recalled that Turkey vowed it “will not be intimidated” by Trump’s threats of economic devastation if Ankara attacked Kurdish forces
as US troops withdraw from Syria.

The strained relationship between Ankara and Washington initially seemed to improve after Trump announced last month that 2,000 US troops would withdraw from Syria.


Ankara welcomed the decision and Erdogan told Trump that Turkey could finish off the last remnants of IS.

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