Amid opposition for CAA-NRC, Modi Cabinet Approves NPR

The Modi Cabinet has stamped the National Population Register

The Modi cabinet has taken a major decision between the nationwide revolt on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Civil Register (NRC).The Modi Cabinet has stamped the National Population Register (NPR). According to sources, the approval has been given to update the National Population Register NPR.

This meeting of Modi cabinet was held on Tuesday. Approval was given to update the national civil register at the meeting. The budget for the expenses incurred in this work has also been released.To update the register,

A budget of more than Rs 8500 crore has been approved by the government.

This register is prepared at the local, sub-district, district, state and national levels under the provisions of the Citizenship Act 1955. Any person who has been living in an area for 6 months or more, then he has to do the necessary registration in the civil register.

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