Amid rising international uncertainties, Indian premiere Modi meet Russian Pres Putin

This is crucial as the US has now threatened sanctions for anyone with substantial military or defence relations with the Russia

The informal summit meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have hovered around defence relations as well.

This is crucial as the US has now threatened sanctions for anyone with substantial military or defence relations with the Russia.

Stressing that Modi’s visit for an informal bilateral summit in Bocharev Creek would give a fresh impetus to ties, Putin said, “Our defence ministries maintain very close contacts and cooperation. It speaks about a very high strategic level of our partnership.”

India too needs to have excellent relations with the Russia because it wants to have access to weapons tech from there while also prohibit closer Russia Pakistan partnership.

India maintained the significance of longstanding partnership in the military, security and nuclear energy fields and welcomed the ongoing cooperation in these areas.

India and Russia are currently discussing an S-400 air defence system deal.

It said that they shared the view that India and Russia have an important role to play in contributing to an “open and equitable world order”.

In this regard, they recognized each other’s roles as major powers with common responsibilities for maintaining global peace and stability, the statement said.

They also agreed on the importance of building a “multipolar world order”, and decided to intensify consultations and coordination with each other, including on the Indo-Pacific Region — an apparent reference to an increasingly assertive China in the maritime domain.

Modi and Putin also agreed to continue working together through multilateral organisations such as the United Nations, SCO, BRICS and G-20.

“I am grateful to President Putin who invited me for an informal meeting and hence, in the long friendship of ours, this is a new aspect that has been attached to our relationship. You have added a new aspect of informal summit in the bilateral relationship which I think is a great occasion and creates trust,” he said.

Recalling his first visit to Russia with the then prime minister A B Vajpayee in 2001, Modi said Putin was the first world leader whom he met after becoming the chief minister of Gujarat.

Modi also thanked Russia for playing a major role in helping India get a permanent membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, an eight-nation grouping which aims at military and economic cooperation between member states.

Modi and Putin also visited Sirius Educational Centre, set up on the initiative of the Russian President to identify, develop and provide support for children who excel in technical creativity, art, the natural sciences and sport.

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