Amidst N Korean threat to Guam, US, South Korea hold naval drills

In wake of near imminent threat from North Korea, its Southern neighbour and ally United States of America have begun five days of naval drills.

It need be mentioned that North Korea had once threatened to fire missiles at Guam, which is a US territory.

In a statement released by South Korea’s navy, the drills have been described to be taking place in waters off the Korean Peninsula and involves fighter jets, helicopters as well as 40 naval ships including the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.


South Korean and US militaries regularly conduct joint exercises, though North Korea condemns them as an invasion rehearsal.


North Korea last week accused the United States of provoking the country by mobilising the aircraft carrier and other war assets near the peninsula.


The North said it could take military counteraction such as a salvo of missile launches into waters near Guam.

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