Amit Jogi reacts strongly to ‘tan-a-tan’ comment of Korba MP

Marwahi MLA Amit Jogi has raised strong objection to a recent statement by BJP

Marwahi MLA Amit Jogi has raised strong objection to a recent statement by BJP MP from Korba Dr. Bansilal Mahto in which the latter had passed derogatory remarks against women. Jogi also criticized Congress National General Secretary for his comments made towards women a few months ago. Through a series of tweets addressed to BJP National President Amit Shah’s Office, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s Office and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Amit Jogi vented out his anger over the issue. Mr. Jogi also issued an official press release over the matter and said that there are “dirty rotten old men” in every party. A 77 year old Dr Bansilal Mahto, BJP MP, wants our girls to become “tan-a-tan”; a 71 year old Mr Digvijay Singh, Congress MP, publicly calls one of them old enough to be his daughter “tanch mal”. What is unfortunate is that these people holding high public office are allowed to make such misogynistic remarks with impunity, as if they are above the law.
By not taking exemplary punitive action against them, we- as a society- are encouraging the demeaning and commodification of women everywhere. Amit Jogi questioned both Rahul Gandhi and Amit Shah and said that why don’t Mr Rahul Gandhi or Mr Amit Shah take action against them and send out a loud and clear message that their parties will simply not stand for this kind of filthy behaviour?
Jogi said that  Ajit Jogi’s party Janta Congress Chhattisgarh will not let this matter rest. Party’s women’s wing Mahila Janta Congress (MJC) has launched an all-out campaign not just against Dr  Bansilal Mahto but also against two other state government ministers Mr Ajay Chandrakar and Mr Bhaiyalal Rajwade. This “Shameless Trio” are making a habit of making misogynistic remarks against women no doubt deluding themselves into believing that it makes them look macho.
Jogi further demanded that the trio should apologize. He said that their party should publicly chastise them. If not, we will be compelled to lodge FIRs against them. And in the event that Dr Raman Singh doesn’t let the police do their job, then we will go to Court to ensure that they face criminal prosecution for demeaning the modesty of Chhattisgarh’s daughters and sisters.
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