Amit Malviya under scanner??; for tweeting poll date prior to CEC

His tweet led the section of media to flash the dates

In a major embarrassment to the ruling Bharatiya Janata, the party’s information technology cell chief Amit Malviya on Tuesday tweeted the dates of the Karnataka Assembly elections even before they were announced by the Election Commission of India.

Though he later deleted the tweet, the damage had been done by then.

His tweet led the section of media to flash the dates even before they were formally announced.

However, the mishap has gone down well with the central poll panel as the Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat has promised suitable administrative and legal action in the case.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission on Tuesday announced that the Assembly elections in Karnataka.

It was said that the poll will be held on May 12 while the results will be announced on May 15.

It is also said that though Malviya and some sections of the media got the polling date correct but they got the date of the results wrong.

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