Amy Poehler thinks Day-Lewis will someone else!

While the whole world is upset over Daniel Day-Lewis retiring from acting, comedian-turned-actress Amy Poehler feels that Day-Lewis is going to return as another actor.

Poehler, while in an interview with Seth Myers on ‘Late Night’ show shared that the ‘Lincoln’ star is going to return “as another actor and fool us all!”

She said, “There’s going to be some young guy on the scene who’s in a bunch of indies. People are going to be like, ‘That’s amazing.’ And we’re like, ‘That was Daniel Day-Lewis.’

Meyers chimed in that it could get to the point where people characterize the “young guy” as “the next Daniel Day-Lewis” before the real Day-Lewis reveals it was him all along.

Ultimately though, Poehler and Meyers joked, Day-Lewis is quitting after some auditions went bad.

“Obviously he’s not getting the parts he wants, he’s feeling nervous. We all go through it,” Poehler said.

And she urged the three time Academy-award winning actor, to not quit and hang in there.

The actress noted, “I love you, dude! Don’t quit. I know this business is hard, bro, but don’t quit. You got the stuff. You got it! I believe in you. . Don’t quit. We need you! Times are tough.”

Her impression of Day-Lewis led Meyers to jokingly speculate that the whole thing might just be a misunderstanding.

The ‘Sisters’ star shared, “Do you think there’s a chance he was with his agent and he was like, ‘I’m done,’ but he was just done with chips?”

It should be noted that this is the second time, Daniel Day Lewis is retiring from acting. In the late 1990s, he took a sort of “semi-retirement” to return to his main love, woodworking, and at the time also moved to Florence, Italy, where he took up shoe-making.

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