Sweltering heat melts every corner of Europe

An unusually prolonged heat wave goes on...and on

Many regions of Europe and Asia are still sweltering amid an unusually prolonged period of extremely high temperatures. At some places, the heat is sizzling.


Sitting is good! Portugal has been having plenty of it, as the Iberian Peninsula bakes in warmth coming over from North Africa. The country has already had near-record temperatures this year, but nothing yet to break the 47.3° C (117.1° F) recorded in 2003 in Amareleja. Still, large parts are on red alert.

So, being near water is better. Fountains in Rossio Square in Lisbon, provide welcome relief from the heat. Portugal is not just experiencing a heat wave, but also clouds of dust coming from the Sahara Desert that are tingeing the sky dark yellow in some places.


Also taking the brunt In neighboring Spain, the mercury is also soaring and heat warnings have been issued. Three people are reported to have died from heat-related causes in the past week. Authorities are warning people to shelter from the sun and drink plenty of fluids, advice heeded by this man in Madrid.


Low rainfall and burning sun Despite its northerly location in Europe, much of Germany has been experiencing an unusually long run of high temperatures, accompanied by much less rainfall than usual. Farmers have requested financial aid from the government to help them cope with greatly reduced harvests.

? The heat in Germany has caused the waters in the Rhine River to drop dramatically leaving parts of the riverbed dry, as seen here in Düsseldorf. Freight vessels are being forced to reduce their cargoes if they want to continue sailing on the river.


Austrian capital, Vienna, asphalt in the city has become too hot for police dogs’ paws, so the force has come up with the logical response: specially made dog shoes. The working dog Spike, seems as alert as ever and completely unfazed by his new item of uniform.


Taking advantage Sweden has had its hottest July of the past 260 years. The high temperatures have led to a high fire danger, and wildfires in the country have extended even into the Arctic Circle. But these city dwellers in central Stockholm seem intent on seeing the bright side of the hot weather as they laze at the Tantolunden bathing place.

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