Andhra temple was keeping an eye on women in dorm

Women find CCTV cameras blinking


A female devotee who went to one of the dormitories noticed a CCTV camera blinking on one corner of the room.

Shocked, she confronted the temple security personnel and rallied other devotees who then staged a protest at the Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Temple, which is considered to be one of the state’s most revered places of worship in Vijaywada.

The temple has courted controversy after women devotees found CCTV cameras inside the temple’s dormitory rooms. While temple authorities tried to shrug off any wrongdoing at first, they have assured that the cameras will be removed from the dormitory rooms and action will be initiated to whoever is found reprehensible.

The issue came to light after a female devotee returned to the dormitory after the daily prayers. To her surprise, she noticed a CCTV camera blinking on one corner of the room. Shocked at the sight, the woman confronted a security official who is affiliated with the temple.

She was told that the cameras are not connected to the system. Fortunately, by that time, more female devotees took notice and staged a protest.

nitially, temple authorities denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the cameras had not been in working condition for the past few days.

However, when Dharma Rao, a member of the temple’s governing body inspected the dormitories, he had no other explanation but to express his regrets over the issue.

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