AHUT & SINOSTEEL, CHINA and OPJU inked MoU to establish AHUT-OPJU School of Metallurgical Engineering (AHUTOPJU SME) to work together more closely in the future

A delegation from Anhui University of Technology, China and Sinosteel, China visited OP Jindal University, Raigarh and JSPL, Raigarh during 27-28 September, 2018. Anhui University of Technology is the Industrial University catering to the needs of local steel industries in China and Sinosteel is a leading steel producer in China. A five-member delegation comprising Dr Wang Haichuan, Dean of School of Metallurgical Engineering, Anhui University of Technology, China, Dr Hu Shangui, Vice Director, International Affairs, Anhui University of Technology, China, Dr Zhang Liqiang, Vice Chair, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, School of Metallurgical Engineering, Anhui University of Technology, China, Mr Mohit Sharma, Director, Sinosteel Resources India Pvt. Limited, New Delhi, Mr Richard Li, Sinosteel Metallurgical Engineering and Technology Company Limited, China arrived Raipur on 27th September and was received with warmth and generous hospitality by OPJU and JSPL.
Dr Prabhu Aggarwal, Vice-Chancelor, OP Jindal University welcomed the delegation. A meeting with JSPL top official Mr. Rajeev Bhadauria, Director &Head- Group HR, JSPL, and Dr Prabhu Aggarwal along with OPJU team was held at hotel Mariott, Raipur. During the meeting, both the parties deliberated on the expectations of the future and areas of cooperation. In hope to advocate research and academic development, across a range of subjects like, Industry-academia Collaboration, Student and Faculty exchange programmes, Technology transfers and adaption, Dual degree B.Tech. and M.Tech. programmes, Joint research programmes, Training programmes and Industrial problems sharing and solving between Sinosteel, China, AHUT, China, JSPL Raigarh and OPJU Raigarh were discussed. The delegation showed sufficient enthusiasm for the collaboration and the agreement established a platform for cooperation in aforesaid areas. It was also decided to list the priority areas of joint research and short-term faculty and student exchange programmes, which will be mutually beneficial to all the parties.
The delegation visited OP Jindal University, Punjipathra campus on 28 September 2018 and after taking a round of the university to have a glimpse of the most impressive infrastructure, details of academic programmes and glance at the University’s achievements, a meeting was held. During the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on trends of education development as globalization further develops and experiences of internationalization, discipline construction and promotion of scientific research, and reached consensus on technology transfer, scientific research cooperation and the program of training talents for international organizations.
The delegation also discussed about their facilities and strengths with the faculty members. Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering played a vital role in this visit. The delegation from China was very keen to collaborate with the Dept. of MME so that it could lead to the development of their parent organizations- JSPL, Raigarh and Sinosteel, China. Both the teams had a complete understanding of each other and started to prepare the new industry based curriculum which can be beneficial to the students and can enhance the knowledge and skill level. The undergraduate B.Tech program was decided to split into two parts where the student will pursue the first part in OPJU and rest at AHUT. This kind of program will help the students to get upgraded with the current cutting edge technology and perform better during their career. Similar framework was discussed for other postgraduate and research programmes. The delegation announced that from 2019, the faculty and students exchange programmes will be initiated. Dr. Hu also mentioned that the exchange programmes will not be limited to the MME department, other departments will also be a part of it. The delegation also visited the JSPL’s Raigarh plant.
Subsequently, the MoU based on the discussions during meetings was inked in witness of the representatives of the two sides on cooperation between the two universities. The key points of the MoU are- All parties agreed to officially establish AHUT-OPJU School of Metallurgical Engineering (AHUTOPJU SME) at OPJU campus site, AHUT and OPJU jointly cultivate Indian bachelor-degree students in the related fields of metallurgical engineering with the modes of “2+2” dual bachelor-degree programs (first 2 years’ study at OPJU and last 2 years at AHUT), or “3+1” dual degree program (first 3 years’ study at OPJU and last 1 year at AHUT), AHUT and OPJU jointly cultivate Indian master-degree students in the related fields of metallurgical and materials engineering with the modes of all academic work at AHUT in the first year, and follow that with Project Based Work at OPJU/JSPL facilities in India under the joint faculty supervision of OPJU/AHUT faculty, Joint scientific research PhD programs, and AHUT and OPJU exchange scholars, associate professors and professors to meet with the demands of teaching and research programs.
The memorandum is an important step for the comprehensive exchanges and cooperation between OP Jindal University and Anhui University of Technology. With this MoU OP Jindal University has created a new bench mark in the current education system and especially on steel technology. During signing of MoU, along with Chinese delegation, Dr R. D. Patidar, Registrar, OPJU, Dr P. S. Bokare, Dean, School of Engineering, Dr A. K. Srivastava, Head, Department of MME, Dr S. Chakrabarty, Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering and other Professors of OPJU were present.
Following the signing of the MoU, the delegation was invited to join plantation drive at the campus and they planted the saplings to mark the occasion as Eco-friendly and sustainable co-operation. The delegation extended gratitude to the OPJU and JSPL representatives for their kind hospitality, and expressed that it is a significant partnership that opens up new vistas and opportunities for the Universities, Sinosteel and JSPL. Dr Prabhu Aggarwal, Vice-Chancellor, OPJU thanked all the delegates for their visit and co-operation and said, “As OP Jindal University is determined to become the only University of Steel Technology and Management in India, the MoU will help to shape it.”
It is well known that located in Raigarh, OP Jindal University was established in Chhattisgarh in 2014(State Bill Act 13) by the prestigious Industrial Group of the country – Jindal Group; with the objective of providing world-class education and training to the students of the country and abroad. The University is committed to provide world-class courses, world-class teachers, modern teaching methods, state-of-art infrastructure and a vibrant campus to the learners; and attention is being given to make the university the most distinct and world-class University of Steel Technology and Management.

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