Antakshari to Comeback in Modern Revamped Format

Antakshari was one of our fave shows and we are so glad it is back.

In the 1990’s, we had our favourite programmes and would take out ‘dedicated time’ to watch them. One such show was Antakshari. The show had around 15 seasons and was a joy to watch courtesy the charming and knowledgeable hosts.

Annu Kapoor regaled us with his shayari and trivia on Bollywood music. He was joined by a number of leading ladies from that era like Pallavi Joshi, Durga Jasraj, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Renuka Shahane and Shefali Chhaya.

As per a report, the show, which was conceived by Gajendra Singh is all set for a comeback. This time, it will be a more modern digital version on the lines of shows like Rising Star 2 involving every viewer in the country.

The paper further said that it is undecided on which channel will the show air but it is expected to go on air in next two months.

This time, the makers will make it more youth-friendly and rumours suggest that they have approached Sunil Grover and Hina Khan to host the programme.

The original show had three teams Deewane, Parwane, Mastane with rounds that tested contestants’ knowledge of Bollywood music. This time, too they plan to appeal to lovers of yesteryear’s classic giving a modern spin to the whole format.

We are sure this is exciting news. Do you feel the new season of Antakshari will be as much fun like the previous ones? Do let us know with your comments? Stay tuned to BL for more deets.

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