Anu Malik steps down as Indian Idol 11 judge, Sona Mohapatra is Happy

Anu Malik Says 'Will get back only after I have cleared my name'

Singer Sona Mohapatra considers music composer Anu Malik’s stepping down as Indian Idol judge a “symbolic victory” for all women who have faced sexual harassment.reported news agency IANS.

“It’s great news.Sony TV took a long time to do this but I am happy that he has finally stepped down from the show. It’s a battle of the whole country. There are so many people who did not want to see this person flaunting himself on national television because it gives a lot of wrong messages to predators that they can also get away with such a thing.”


She said “I was fighting for fairness and justice. Now, after hearing this news,I think it is a victory for everybody not just me but also for all other women who were badly treated by him. It is a symbolic victory.Our fight is not over yet, it’s just a start.We are not going to sit here and let people to take us for granted.”

The issue started in 2018 when Sona Mohapatra,for the first time, accused Anu Malik of sexual misconduct,which forced the composer to step down from season 10 of the show last year. Singers Neha Bhasin and Shweta Pandit had also joined Mrs Mohapatra in alleging sexual harassment against Anu Malik.

However,when Sony TV reinstated Malik on season 11 this year,Sona Mohapatra restarted her campaign against the composer and the channel.

Over the past days,she has mustered huge support on social media and people have increasingly been demanding Anu Malik’s removal from the show.

A few days ago, Anu Malik took to social media and claimed that “false and unverified allegations” were being levelled against him. He said that he was “in pain” and “in a dark space,” demanding justice.

And, now on Thursday, the composer decided to quit the show. A source close to Sony TV confirmed to IANS that Anu Malik “is stepping down as a judge from Indian Idol.”

Malik’s decision has come after Sona wrote an open letter to the Union Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani, urging her to look into the ongoing debate Malik. “My open letter to the honorable minister for women and child development.

Smriti Irani, I hugely admire you, your tenacity and commitment to work for the welfare of people in India and I request you to please read this. Many more women are writing in to me privately about this man,” she tweeted.

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