Anushka Sharma got Candid about her Relationship with Virat Kohli

Anushka Sharma finally got candid about her relationship with Virat Kohli in an interview. The actress shared that Virat and she are the male and female versions of each other.

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma, are a young and powerful celebrity couple who have been giving us relationship goals since their inception as Virushka.

The couple, who are dominating the cricket and Bollywood world, got hitched in December 2018 during a private wedding ceremony in Italy.

Post that, two wedding receptions were held in Delhi and Mumbai. Since their wedding, Virushka may be in a long distance relationship, given their hectic work schedules, but that has only made their hearts grow fonder for each other.

Virat has always been very vocal about his love for Anushka and in various interviews, the Team India captain has spoken some lovely words for his ladylove and support system.

Anushka, on the other hand, has always shied away when asked about Virat but recently, in an interview with Film Companion, the actress finally got candid about her relationship with Virat and why they are different from other couples. Anushka refers to Virushka as simple people who want to do normal and simple things.

Anushka shared, “We are both very awkward with the fame that we have we don’t embrace stardom and fame and that’s why, I think, we connect so much. We run away, sometimes, from these things. Sometimes, we find a need to be in our own cocoon. And that’s the reason why we are so self-sufficient.”

“And when I see self, I mean both of us because we don’t see each other as two different people. Him and me are male and female versions of each other,” Anushka added.

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Anushka also shyly exclaimed, “I am married to the greatest man in the world.” Now, that is a statement worth remembering.

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