Apple’s newest handsets are newest expensive

Apple hasn’t been doing very well in India, sales-wise, and the company is now looking to change its fortunes by banking on the iPhone 6s. That’s not a typo, we really do mean the phone that made its debut in September of 2015.

Apple’s newest handsets are quite expensive (and that’s an understatement) in the subcontinent, whereas the iPhone 6s starts at “just” INR 26,910 – the equivalent of $382 or €341 at the current exchange rates. That’s great for an iPhone, but considering what the Android competition is offering at or around that price point, it remains to be seen how successful Apple’s iPhone 6s revival will be.

The device is made in India, to avoid import taxes, since last June. The 6s is made by Wistron at a plant that also produces the iPhone SE for the subcontinent. Past rumors talked about more recent, high-end iPhones also possibly being manufactured there, but that hasn’t happened yet.

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