Can accept unconditional foreign aid, says Rahul Gandhi

Appreciates that Kerala faced disaster with strong will power


Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who is on a two-day visit to flood-affected areas of Kerala, said Wednesday that unconditional foreign aid can be accepted, considering the situation of common people.

"Kerala needs help to overcome from this disaster. The disaster must not be politicized," Rahul told mediaperson in Kochi.

“I have reached Kerala to be a solace for the people. So, I don’t like to talk politics." He replied when asked whether the disaster was man-made.

"Kerala has faced the disaster with strong will power. I appreciate the way in which the state has tackled it and I am proud about that. I have come to Kerala also to evaluate the relief work of Congress. I am satisfied with their efforts though Congress is not in power. I am ready to do anything for Kerala”, said Rahul.

Rahul demanded that the Centre must provide more financial assistance to Kerala. He said he is not satisfied with what they have offered.

Rahul also spoke with the chief minister and demanded that the money announced for the victims should be given at the earliest.

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