Cooking and dancing are the best ways to express yourself

Aroma of herbs and spices lift your mood, dance allows your whole body to vent

New Delhi.

Have you ever wondered why cooking and dancing help you express?


If you are someone who has a passion for cooking, sometime or the other, you must have swayed to some music or tapped your foot to a rhythm while cooking, and without realising, you would have enjoyed both.

Whether they’re happy or sad, people find cooking and dancing to be the best ways of expressing themselves.

In most cultures, food is a way for people to gather. It brings family and friends together for banquets, potlucks and holidays. Sumptuous food and guests enjoying platters full of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies at home has been an integral part of growing up years for Indians.

Indians took to cooking and enjoying. All great cooks out there understand that aromas are related to moods, and they can stir up or alter emotions too.

Spices, chocolates and herbs are mood relaxants, and they help tackle mood swings and express anger or excitement.

The first step into the kitchen, makes people nervous but the smells, the tastes, the spices embrace and welcome them to a world of creativity.

Every time you make a new dish, it’s nothing but a reflection of your emotions on that day.

Cooking also helps people calm down, and acts as a stress buster.

Whipping up desserts is a great way to forget your troubles.

Whether indulging in for professional, recreational or any other reason, dancing is the most expressive form to vent out.

The mudras, postures and the expressions flow out beautifully, whether you want to convey love, passion, happiness, hatred, anger, revenge on anything else you can think of.

And whether you intend to weave a story or not, dance definitely gives you your own story. A story of freedom, a story of success or failure, a beginning or an end…

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