ART OF PARENTING-parents are the first teachers always.

child always copy their parents so it is their duty to be a good parent(not perfect as no one is perfect) and be role models to their children.

“instead of helping your child thrive, you spend most of time just trying to survive!”

Set high standards for ourselves first and then our children second. We serve as a role model to them.
Human is a special species in part because we can learn by imitation. We are programmed to copy other’s actions to understand them and to incorporate them into our own. Children in particular watch everything their parents do very carefully.

Only what you choose to do (or give) in the name of love can — things like material indulgence, leniency, low expectation and over-protection. When these things are given in place of real love, that’s when you’ll have a spoiled child.
Loving your child can be as simple as giving them hugs, spending time with them and listening to their issues seriously.

Give your child positive experiences. They will have the ability to experience positive experiences themselves and offer them to others.

Give your child negative experiences. They won’t have the kind of development necessary for them to thrive.

Being a good parent means you need to teach your child the moral in what is right and what is wrong. Setting limits and being consistent are the keys to good discipline. Be kind and firm when enforcing those rules.

Let your child know that you’ll always be there for them by being responsive to the child’s signals and sensitive to their needs. Support and accept your child as an individual. Be a warm, safe haven for your child to explore from.

Talk to your child and also listen to them carefully.

By keeping an open line of communication, you’ll have a better relationship with your child and your child will come to you when there’s a problem.

Try to set a side time on a regular basis to do something fun with your child.
Never disagree about discipline in front of the children.
Never give an order, request, or command without being able to enforce it at the time.

Be consistent, that is, reward or punish the same behavior in the same manner as much as possible.
Agree on what behavior is desirable and not desirable.
Agree on how to respond to undesirable behavior.
Make it as clear as possible what the child is to expect if he or she performs the undesirable behavior.

If one of you is disciplining a child and the other enters the room, that other person should not step in on the argument in progress.
Reward desirable behavior as much as possible by verbal praise, touch or something tangible such as a toy, food or money.
Both of you should have an equal share in the responsibility of discipline as much as possible.

I hope this was helpful do tell us your parenting tip,of how you handle your child.

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