Asthma is a condition in which the bronchial tubes of the lungs get constricted due to accumulation of phlegm.


Narrowing of the air passage leads to difficulty in breathing. Breathing is accompanied by a wheezing sound. While breathing in, the skin behind the collarbones and between the ribs may be sucked in. The nails and tips may turn blue, and neck veins may swell.

Asthma often begins in childhood and it could be a problem for life. It can be hereditary also. It generally gets worse at night or in certain months of the year. An Asthma attack may be caused by eating or breathing in things to which the person is allergic like pollen, dust, emanations from certain animals like dogs, cats and certain foods.

Asthma patients require a relaxed and tension –free life. Regular practice of yogasanas is helpful. Regularity and discipline in food and drink are important. Smoking should be avoided. Let the stomach be empty before going to sleep. Therefore, take the night meal before sunset. Eat several times, but never fill the stomach.



  • Massaging the chest with Chesol ( Available at homeo shops) gives relief. Apply the oil on the chest, warm the hands on fire and massage for about 15 minutes
  • Smoking a cigarette made of either dhatiura leaves / flowers or arusha leaves will give relief. Half- dried and coarsely- powdered leaves or flowers can be made in to a cigarette and smoked. (not more than three cigarette at a time.)

  • Tulsi leaves: Put a handful of tulsi leaves (black tulsi is better) in three glasses of boiling water. Keep it covered for ½ an hour. Drink a glass each, three times a day, for 7 days. Take one glass of this infusion 3-4 times a week to prevent attack.
  • Lemon juice in warm water taken before bed time also prevent an attack.
lemon juice
lemon juice
  • Arusha (Adhaoda vasica) is very effective for asthma. Swaras or powder of the leaves can be taken with honey. Dose: juice-15 ml, powder 1 tsp. with honey.
  • Arusa and Kantakari (rengaini): Take equal  parts of the juices and mix well, warm it a little and drink in the morning on empty  stomach and before bedtime. Dose: 1 tablespoon.
  • Lehyam with Elephant foot: Elephant’s foot – wild Varity – (Ool or Suran – Hindi, Chena –Mal) is good for asthma. Cut Ool into small pieces. Let the water outside dry. Grind it well and mix with lemon juice and mustard oil, to make a paste. Add jaggery and keep in the sun for 21 days. Dose; 1 teaspoonful, twice a day. Continue the treatment for 6 months to one year.
  • Khir for Asthma: prepare Khir (rice prepared in milk with sugar) in the evening of full- moon night. Expose the Khir in a flat plate to the full moon light for the whole night (When there are no clouds). It should not be covered with anything. In the morning (4.30 a.m.) mix it with half to one tablespoonful of the powder of arjun barks and eat after a bath.

It is better that the person fasts the previous day (at least foregoes supper) before he takes this preparation.

It is enough ginger, 1 long pepper ( pipli ), 9 cloves (laung), ½ of a jaifal, and 3 small ilaichi. Powder all these and mix them well. Dose: One teaspoonful in one glass of hot water, once a day for 5 take the medicine once. This treatment s especially effective for asthma caused by pollen and dust allergy.


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