Attempt of abduction on woman judge; heres what happened next

Attempt of abduction on woman judge; heres what happened next

In an incident that will keep women on toes as they venture out of their homes, a woman judge allegedly was about to be abducted but escaped somehow.

The incident took place as she was being driven to local court.

This incident has prompted the Delhi High Court to intervene in the matter and communicate its concerns regarding safety of woman judges to the government.

The incident is said to have taken place when the woman judge hired a cab at 10 am on Monday to go from her residence in central Delhi to Karkardooma court, registrar general Dinesh Kumar Sharma told media.

According to the woman’s complaint, the cab driver changed the route along the way, and instead of taking a turn towards Mayur Vihar, he kept driving straight ahead, towards Uttar Pradesh.

Realising that the driver had taken the wrong route, the judge shouted at him in panic, but the driver, identified as Rajesh, allegedly drove on nonchalantly.

The judge then called the police and complained against the driver and also informed a colleague about the situation.

Sensing trouble, the driver then took a U-turn and started driving back to Delhi.

The police, who had started tracking the location of the vehicle through the judge’s cell phone, intercepted the car at Ghazipur toll plaza and arrested the driver.

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