Attempted abduction in Urla; police arrested three accused

Police have also recovered 4 air pistols from the accused

In a rather scary incident that points to how vulnerable the law and order situation in Raipur is, at least of the youngsters attempted abduction of son of BJP leader Harishankar Mishra.

It is only by chance that they could not succeed.

Police acting as the matter was extremely high profile has claimed success in arrest of the three youngsters.

Police have also recovered 4 air pistols from the accused in the case and their vehicle has also been seized.

Police sources informed that Alderman Harishankar Mishra of Birgaon municipal corporation is a resident of Vishal colony.

His son, Prakash Mishra, is a student of class X and aged around 19 yrs.

It is said that while Prakash was standing with his bike outside the colony periphery, all of a sudden a Tata Safari without number plate halted near him.

Police sources claim that two youngsters by the name of Abhinav Mishra and Apurva Mishra deboarded the Safari and entered into quarrel with him and also pointed gun at Prakash while demanding money from him.

But Prakash by then had sensed the intent of the youngsters and pushed them while also running inside of the house.

Prakash immediately confided the episode to his father who then took along some of the locality people and began searching for the Tata Safari.

They located the vehicle parked outside the house of Krishna Mohan Pandey, a contractor, and then they began inquiries with him.

Mishra’s family also then informed the Urla police which came by and arrested the three youngsters then and there.

Though the victim and his family are terming it to be an attempt for abduction, the police is considering it to be an old feud.

Police has meanwhile arrested contractor Krishna Mohan Pandey along with the two youngsters.

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