Avengers: Infinity War, New Movie Clip on Jimmy Kimmel

The new movie clip sees a banter between Tony Stark and Doctor Strange

The actors of Marvel’s most anticipated movie, Avengers: Infinity War released an exclusive movie clip on ABC late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! The new clip features Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk aka Mark Ruffalo) warning Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), and Wong (Benedict Wong) about the power of Thanos while Stark and Strange have a little spat (which is obvious, isn’t it?) So we guess, even before Gamora informs Stark about Thanos and how he can destroy an entire planet with a snap of his fingers, Bruce has already informed him about the same.

It was a great time for the makers to release this new clip since the movie’s release is just three days away and the excitement of fans is at its peak.

Last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel featured stars of the latest superhero flick like — Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Zoe Saldana, Paul Bettany and Pom Klementieff where they discussed the new film ahead of its premiere in Hollywood. The episode was a laughter riot where the host teased the Avengers members if they feel competitive at all with the Star War movie. To which the cast responded with a unanimous “no.”

Jimmy tried his best to make the stars reveal some spoilers or even a minute details about this big project but sadly, they refused to budge. Downey Junior later asked Zoe Saldana if she can reveal anything about Avatar 2 and no, she didn’t utter a word. Interestingly, Avatar’s director, James Cameron was recently trolled on Twitter for his comment against ‘superhero’ movies.

Later in the episode, Tom Holland even teased Robert Downey Jr. on how he hated the original Iron Man movie that released in 2008. Infinity War, as we all know, is an end result of a 10 year long process starting with Iron Man and rest joining the team in process.

The movie that sees the collaboration of Avengers with the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight the mighty Thanos is on everyone’s wishlist. While the movie is already sold out on more than 1000 screens in the US, theatre owners are considering to keep a 3:00 AM show in cities like New York.

Even in nations like India, movie has received tremendous advance bookings. Marvel’s most hyped film is already breaking records and if all goes well, it will shatter all box-office numbers and even achieve the numero uno position worldwide.

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