Ayurved is gaining popularity across globe: Dr. Raman Singh

'Contractual Ayurved doctors need not worry'

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today said that Ayurved line of medical treatment is gaining popularity across the world. The demand for Ayurved medicines is increasing by the day.

The demand for Ayurved medicines is increasing by 15-16 per cent all over the globe. The faith of patients in this line of medicare is increasing . Chief Minister was addressing the National Ayurved Conference in the capital.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that authorities are making efforts to make the Government Ayurvedic College into a National institute.

There is lot of improvement in the educational standards of Ayurved after the formation of Chhattisgarh State. There are four Ayurved Colleges at present in the State. There are 485 seats in the Ayurved Colleges and several subjects are taught at the graduation-level.

Chhattisgarh is the fifth State in the country where Ayurved doctors are given the rights of Allopathic line of treatment.

Dr. Raman Singh added that there is a positive environment for the rapid development of Ayurved treatment and we should develop on it. Encouragement should be given to research. Referring to his tours to China, Japan and Korea, he revealed that there is lot of research on the modern techniques at the Ayurved pharmacies.

He added that Baba Ramdev had made Ayurved treatment a global brand facing the Multi-National Companies boldly. ‘Patanjali’ sells medicines worth Rs Five thousand crore. Dr. Raman Singh assured the contractual Ayurved doctors not to worry over their future.

Their services will not be terminated. These doctors are serving the remote parts of the State where MBBS doctors are unwilling to serve for the past 17 years.

Chief Minister said that he is feeling happy as if he had come back to the family. Whatever he had learnt at the Government Ayurved College here had been helping till now. Giving details of the journey of the State during the past 14 years he said that Chhattisgarh had joined the list of developed States.

Central Council of Indian Medicine Chairman Dr. Vanita Muralidharan presided over the conference. Padmasree awardee Ayurvedic Doctor Surendra Dube was the special guest. Ayurved doctors and large number of students from all parts of the country participated.

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Ayurved is gaining popularity across globe: Dr. Raman Singh
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