Baby boy takes birth in pruvi joshi house

It is my biggest achievement said by purvi joshi

Purbi Joshi has been missing in action for some time now. She got married to US citizen Valentino Fehlmann in 2014, and is since settled in Los Angeles. BT has now learnt that the actress has begun a new innings in her life — that of motherhood. Purbi and Valentino became parents to a boy, Cayden, on December 9, 2018.

Talking to us from LA, Purbi says, “Till the time you don’t hold your baby in your arms, you won’t know what motherhood is. Becoming a mother is my biggest achievement and I feel fortunate to have had this experience. We didn’t have any naming ceremony, but we have given him a Latin name, Cayden, which means ‘warrior’.”

Purbi says that she had a smooth pregnancy. “I had a healthy pregnancy and took care of my diet and exercise regimen. In fact, I exercised till the last day of my pregnancy. I read good books and watched sensible TV shows and films, since it’s believed that all these things have an impression on the unborn baby. I also watched many comedy shows, which had me laughing all the time.”

Apart from her husband, Purbi also has her family

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