Bajrang Dal activists ransack set of Ashram 3 in Bhopal

"Hurts Hindu Sentiments" throw ink at Prakash Jha

Bajrang Dal activists allegedly ransacked the set of the third season of web series ‘Ashram’ in Bhopal on October 25, and also threw ink on its producer-director Prakash Jha, accusing him of portraying Hindus wrongly, police said.

Bajrang Dal members went on a rampage on the set of Prakash Jha. The renowned filmmaker’s face was smeared with ink at the set in Bhopal.

Besides that, Bajrang Dal threatened that it would not allow the shooting of this web series further.

The incident was captured by eyewitnesses on mobile phones, where the Bajrang Dal members were chasing down crew members, managing to catch at least one of them and beating him mercilessly with a metal light stand.

Another leader of the group stated that Jha has not filed a complaint in the matter yet and has assured that he will change the name of the series.

“They made Ashram 1, Ashram 2 and were shooting Ashram 3 here. Prakash Jha showed in Ashram that the guru was abusing women. Does he have the guts to make such a film on a church or madrasa? Who does he think he is?” Bajrang Dal leader Sushil Sudeley said.

In the attack, the windscreens of two buses of the crew were broken in stone-pelting, police said.

SP, Bhopal south, Sai Krishna Thota, said that some people raised objections and staged protest over the name of the web series when it’s shooting was underway at Old Jail Premises located in Arera Hills.

He further stated that immediately after the incident, police personnel reached the spot and brought the situation under control. No person has been arrested in this regard so far, he said.


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