Bell Bottom Movie Review

The climax stands out in this whole paisa vasool entertainer

In Bell Bottom, he is the man on a mission of saving over 200 Indians stranded in a hijacked flight in Dubai. Trust him to create his own ways away from the protocols, making even the Prime Minister of the country fall for his terrific antics, and saving the people in an exemplary fashion, even when everything seems ‘over’.

Akshay Kumar, right from his introductory scene with his flared black bottoms taking away all the attention, shows that this film is never going to lose its style. He is confident, well-read, fearless, and a man who believes in always having a ‘backup of a backup plan.’

Akshay’s performance keeps you engaged, and makes the entire story look crisp and no-nonsense. Maybe because he has saved the nation so many times on-screen now that you believe him when he looks straight into the camera and says ‘it’s not over until it’s really over.’

Apart from its superbly edited story with the finest continuity breaks in just the right places, Bell Bottom is blessed with a fantastic climax.

The climax stands out in this whole paisa vasool entertainer – something that you might not have seen before. Even though the film’s premise is based on India vs Pakistan events, the story never really depends on the chest-thumping jingoism.

It doesn’t offer the ‘Kashmir maangoge toh cheer dege‘ drama and yet it successfully convinces you that what its hero is saying could just be right. The focus is not on defeating the enemy, but on saving our own people. The story travels from India to England to Lahore and to Dubai but never does one feel that it lacks the fluidity in the narrative.

Akshay remains heroic throughout and what else does a big screen entertainer needs, especially when it’s the first film hitting the theatres in the pandemic times!


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