‘Bhoot The Haunted Ship’ Movie Review & Rating

Critics Rating: 3 / 5

Vicky Kaushal is the captain of the ship in terms of screen time, and in terms of what he does in the given time.

Movie Name: Bhoot The Haunted Ship
Critics Rating: 3 / 5
Release Date:Feb 21, 2020
Director: Bhanu Pratap Singh
Genre: Horror drama

How does one make a horror film in Bollywood? The cheap trobe of bombastic background score, coupled with a few raunchy scenes, to deliver the intrigue. And if not sex, an ugly looking ghost somersaulting across and over roofs and walls to scare the daylights out of you. Thankfully, ‘Bhoot The Haunted Ship’ belongs to the latter category.

Thankfully, because it’s not the deafening background score that delivers the scares, but the performances and the build up to the impending doom that may frighten you.

Never had Dharma, in its four decades of existence, ventured into the space of a horror-drama. With ‘Bhoot’, not only did it break a barrier for itself, but also made its most watchable movie in recent years. No kidding here. Because, unlike the ‘Kalanks’ and ‘Students’ of the years, ‘Bhoot’ has a story, and a narrative that holds fort despite a lacklustre premise given to the hauntings.

Vicky Kaushal’s Prithvi is an executive at a shipping company — haunted by a past. And he is designated with the duty of uprooting a giant cruiseliner — Seabird — from the shores of Mumbai’s sea.

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