Chhattisgarh Congress to take its fight against cane charge to the next level

Bhupesh Baghel hints at demonstrating against PM Modi on his proposed visit to the state


Chhattisgarh Congress President Bhupesh Baghel on Wednesday dropped ample hints at what awaits Prime Mininster Narendra Modi on his next visit to the state. He declared that if the govt. machinery failed to act duely against plice officials accused of using brutal force on party workers and leaders inside Congress office in Bilaspur, the party would hold extensive demonstrations to ‘welcome PM Modi’ on September 22.

Bhupesh took to Twitter on Wednesday to declare his pary’s intention not to let the Septmber 18 incident pass off without paying back in an ample measure. He criticized the Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh’s government for adopting a dictatorial stance against its political opposition. He allowed the government just 24 hours to act dilligently against police officials who surpassed their detail, injuring more than a dozen Congress workers inside the party office.

Bhupesh Called it most unfortunate that police is acting like a puppet in the hands of this state government. He tweeted, ‘Unfortunately, police have become a toy in the hands of Dr. Raman Singh led government. If the government fails to act against the accused police officials, then Congress will most certainly accord the Prime Ministe Narendra Modi a real warm welcome on Chhattisgarh mainland.’

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