Big Explosion In Lebanon’s Capital Beirut,many injured

The blast was felt 150 miles away from Lebanon

Two enormous explosions rocked the Lebanese capital’s port on Tuesday,killing and wounding dozens of people,shaking buildings and sending huge plumes of smoke billowing into the Beirut sky.

Video footage of the second blast showed an enormous orange fireball that dwarfed nearby buildings and sent a devastating tornado-like shockwave ripping through the city.

“We heard an explosion,then we saw the mushroom,”said one resident who witnessed the second,deafening explosion from her Balcony in the city’s Mansourieh district.

“The force of the blast threw us backwards into the apartment,” she said.

Injured people were walking in the street,while outside the Clemenceau Medical Centre,dozens of wounded people,many covered in blood,were rushing to be admitted to the centre,including children.

Destroyed cars had been abandoned in the street with their airbags inflated.

A huge cloud of black smoke was engulfing the entire port area.

The port zone was cordoned off by the security forces,allowing access only to a string of ambulances, fire trucks and people whose relatives were working inside the devastated area.

A huge blaze was burning at the port,where ambulances were rushing away the wounded,their sirens wailing.

The blasts were heard as far away as Nicosia on the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus,240 kilometres (150 miles) away.


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