Bigg Boss 12 Grand Premiere Episode Shocked

Bigg Boss 12's grand premiere royally FAILED to entertain us.

Huge fan of Bigg Boss, admits that they enjoy the last season immensely. It had fights galore and brought forth the true nature of some celebs in the most unexpected manner.

That’s why excitement for Bigg Boss 12 was more than the other seasons. The grand premiere night happened on Sunday and we were introduced to the contestants who would rock the house this season.

Of course, what made everyone’s eyes pop out was the presence of Anup Jalota and his 28-year-old girlfriend, Jasleen Matharu.

Twitter went crazy over this spring autumn love story and the duo were trolled mercilessly. Surprisingly, there has not been much talk about the opening night, which is a huge high point of the show. Well, it is not a surprise as it was quite blah.

We had the same family moments, a bit of song and dance and lame jokes. The saddest part was that even Salman Khan seemed largely disinterested except when he got the shocking news of Bhajan Samrat Jalota’s clandestine love affair. Here is what we felt were misses of the show.

Unnecessary humiliation

The Bigg Boss house is a tough place to survive and it is not funny to see people being unkind from the word go. The Top Ki Salaami was unnecessary, boring and plain humiliating. No wonder Karanvir Bohra’s fans are upset at what happened at the premiere episode. There will be enough mud thrown at each other inside the house, so this forced blackening was uncalled for.

Sad presentation

The inaugural and finale nights are time for some jazz. Sadly, the flow of events and presentation was very sad. The kind of costumes given to Dipika Kakar, Nehha Pendse and Anup Jalota looked plain tacky. None of them did any justice to their star status or enhanced the overall feel of the show. Even Karanvir Bohra was not presented as nicely as he could have been. Shilpa Shinde, Srishty Rode and Shivashish Mishra were the only ones who managed to look decent.

Terrible script

There was not a single line that managed to evoke genuine laughter. It really looked like Salman Khan was struggling to be funny. Anup Jalota’s admission about his affair evoked some humour due to the shock value. The show promotes equality inside the house but if we are not mistaken then the reference of caste came up in the first episode itself, remember the Brahmin line. And the rather exaggerated conversation about guys and their eggs was not funny either.

Playing it ‘safe’

Unlike previous years, this time the show does not seem to be truly inclusive. There is not a single representation from the LGBT community. In a year when the Supreme Court scrapped Section 377, the absence of the fraternity on the show is even more stark. We don’t know if it is because of the family slot of 9pm but inclusivity at prime-time would have been great step forward. In past couple of years, we have seen a number of contestants from Haryana and Bihar. How about including people from some other states? While South India has its own Bigg Boss-es to entertain the public, the Hindi one has a huge reach. It gives off a feel that mass recruitment is happening only in NCR belt and Bihar.

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