Bigg Boss 12 Playback Jodis Gear up for Budget Task

After the torturous first part of the luxury budget task, the Single Celebrity contestants Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode, Dipika Kakar, Nehha Pendse and S Sreesanth are in the mood for some payback as in the second part of the task, the jodis will be tortured.

Bigg Boss 12, promises to offer entertainment, drama and action in unlimited doses. Last night, we saw the sadistic nature of the jodis unfold in the luxury budget task, Samudri Lootere.

The jodis stooped to every possible extent to torture the celebrity singles Karanvir Bohra, Nehha Pendse, Dipika Kakar and Srishty Rode. However, they could not break their spirits and thus only got two of them to surrender their golden rings.


Now, it’s time for revenge as Bigg Boss announced that the second part of the task will continue and will have the jodis suffer the torture at the hands of the singles.

Since only 4 singles participated in the task yesterday, Bigg Boss gave them the right to choose who among the jodis will be a prisoner during the task.

In a new promo for tonight’s episode, we can see Nehha, Karan, Sree, Srishty and Dipika planning to go all in and make the couples suffer for their sadistic behaviour with them.

Take a look:

Isn’t that absolutely intriguing? We also saw yesterday that Shivashish and Jasleen mess around with the single celebs’ stuff in the washroom and hide their things. Today, we can expect to see some clashes between them and singles due to that as well.

Things surely are heating up in the house as each day goes by. However, it will be interesting to see how the singles plot and execute their revenge against the jodis tonight.

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