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Bihar Election Results: NDA Leads After 60% of Vote Count; Amit Shah Speaks to Nitish Kumar

New Delhi: With the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) getting ready to retain Bihar with a comfortable majority, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday gave a phone call to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

As per updates, the Home Minister dialed up the Bihar CM to discuss the results but the details are not known yet.

According to EC, the NDA is leading ahead of RJD in Bihar Elections with the trends looking positive for the NDA for the past couple of hours.

A group of JDU supporters carrying traditional musical instruments were seen at party office in Patna. They were heard singing a song in praise of Nitish Kumar around 1.30 pm.

While ground level workers of the JDU and BJP assembled in large numbers at the offices of their respective parties, senior leaders are waiting for the picture to become clearer.

“We have already prepared sweets and arranged crackers to celebrate the occasion but the celebrations will start only after we reach a stage where apprehension of vicissitudes become minimum,” said JDU worker Rajesh Kumar.

On the other hand, the RJD on Tuesday claimed that reports from its candidates and workers from across Bihar have suggested that the Grand Alliance is winning the state elections, even as poll trends project otherwise.

According to the trends available so far, the NDA is headed for a majority in Bihar, while the RJD-led Mahagathbandhan is trailing.

“We are in touch with our candidates and workers from all areas and the information received from them tells that results will go in our favour,” the Lalu Prasad-led party said in a tweet.

It also said that the counting process will stretch into the night as additional polling stations were set up this time to maintain social distance on the voting day in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A Mahagathbandhan government will be formed for sure. Bihar has effected a change,” the RJD said.
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The party asked its candidates and agents to stay put at the counting centres until the process is complete.


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