Bikini Wax; a trend fast picking up in India; here are some useful tips

Bikini Wax; a trend fast picking up in India; here are some useful tips

The trend is here in India too as more and more women are attending poolside parties in their respective cities and thus need that one kind of wax that is not much talked about openly. It is called Bikini Wax and if you have never been to it then may be now is the time to take it on as the rewards are many for little money and effort. Here are some types that you might want to know–

There are a couple of varieties of bikini waxes – so prior to yours, request the desired style from your salon assistant. The panty line style removes the hair from either side so that you can wear a bikini without the fear of hair peeking out. This is the most common style and is ideal for first timers.

The high bikini line removes hair from the top of your front strip as well as slightly deeper on either side so that you can wear low strung panties with ease. The popular Brazilian wax removes almost all hair from the front and back.

Since it’s your first time, it’s natural to feel awkward to strip down to your panties in front of your salon assistant. Don’t worry, they get this more often than you know. If you choose a basic panty line bikini wax, you can wear your own panties (the sides of which might be covered with tissue) or the salon may give you disposable ones.

For precise removal, one leg will be bent at the knee with the other flat and then vice versa. If it’s a more thorough waxing style, you will be required to ditch the panties altogether. A word of caution – wear your cotton panties for comfortable, itch-free waxing.

We don’t want to lie to you; a bikini wax will hurt. Especially on the innermost strip of pubic hair, it will hurt a whole lot.

But once the strip is pulled, that’s it. Like waxing any area of the body, it is momentary pain which dissipates shortly after. “That’s why, half an hour pre-wax, pop a crocin to manage the pain,” says Dr. Lohia. You will probably have redness and soreness for the next couple of hours right after so here’s what doctor advises – “Immediately after, follow your wax with an ice pack on the area and aloe vera gel.”

If signs of irritation like bumps appear, head straight to the doctor.

Yes, the pain and awkwardness will be well worth the smooth skin you have post waxing, which should last for 3 – 4 weeks.

The more you wax, the more you get used to it and the thinner your hair becomes. So once you’re over the first hump, it only gets easier from there.


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