Bill Gates considers this Delhi doctor to be real life hero

Bill Gates considers this Delhi doctor to be a real life hero. Bill Gates praised Dr. Matthew Verghese, who runs India’s only polio ward, at St Stephen’s Hospital in Old Delhi.

In his blog Gates Notes, Bill Gates has told Verghese one of the five people whom he considers a real-life hero. Bill Gates praised him for his work on polio patients in Delhi.

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Varghese wants his ward to be vacant with patients. This passion motivates them to dedicate their full time to the treatment of polio-affected men and women.

Well, the number of patients with polio has decreased significantly. There was a time when the number of patients coming for the surgery was more than 600 due to problems caused by polio in St Stephens every year.

Now Varghese points out that the number has decreased to below 200. Well, now Dr. Verghese’s empty ward’s dream can take some time to complete.

Dr. Varghese has cured many Polio Patients.

When asked for the response for appreciation by Bill Gates, he said, “Praise does not make any difference to my work.” But yes I hope more and more doctors and youth will be motivated and will come forward to assist in the rehabilitation of polio patients.

Polio ward was started in St. Stephen’s Hospital in 1987, is one of the oldest in Delhi. When polio had spread like an epidemic in India in the beginning of 1990, the ward was completely filled.

There were cases of 2,00,000 to 4,00,000 polio cases per year in India. By 2011, polio has been abolished from India but the number of people forced to walk due to the disease is in thousands.

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