Bill to criminalise instant triple talaq in Lok Sabha

Bill to criminalise instant triple talaq in Lok Sabha today, various Muslim organisations asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to withhold and withdraw the proposed law.

The stance indicates another tussle may be in the offing on the floor of the House in the winter session, which had just reached a fragile truce between the government and the Congress after a week-long standoff over the main opposition party’s demand that Modi clarify his remarks about former prime minister Manmohan Singh over on the campaign trail in the recent Gujarat elections.

“The Congress stand is that the SC judgment should be followed in letter and spirit. However, using a highly polarised 3-2 verdict, and that too, with variation even among the majority verdicts, the government can’t and shouldn’t misuse that verdict as a springboard for significant expansion not even remotely contemplated in majority verdicts,” Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

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