BJP fields ‘Hindutva’ champion Yogi Adityanath in Kerala Yatra

A day after BJP President Amit Shah launched the 'Jan Raksha' Yatra from Kannur

A day after BJP President Amit Shah launched the ‘Jan Raksha’ Yatra from Kannur in Kerala to further reinforce the presence of party in the leftist ruled state, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath joined in the rally on Wednesday. As BJP is highlighting the ‘politics of murder’ being practiced under the CPM regime, Yogi Adityanath who is known as face of aggressive Hindutva has been fielded by the party during this major Yatra.

“The BJP yatra is to generate awareness on the violence and killings of political workers and those of our ideology. This yatra is a mirror to the governments of Kerala, Tripura and West Bengal to repent and put an end to the killing of innocent people,” Yogi Adityanath told reporters. “In the garb of democracy our workers are being killed and most of the killings have happened at the Chief Minister’s base Kannur. The government has created an environment of Jihadi terror here.” The saffron-robed Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh landed at Kannur’s Keecheri and began his slow march wearing a broad smile and a cap in his party’s colours. The BJP has alleged that since 2001, about 120 of its workers have been killed across Kerala by Left cadre, 14 of them, the party claims, in Kannur since the LDF government came to power in May last year. The BJP’s yatra, which will see its top leaders relay-walk across the state towards capital Thiruvananthapuram, aims at bringing the party to the mainstream in a state where the Left and the Congress have been the dominant players. On Tuesday, Amit Shah made for a vivid picture in a traditional Kerala dhoti, offering prayers at the Rajarajeshwara temple in Kannur before launching the yatra.

Kerala is one of the states where Amit Shah wants his party to mark its presence in a big way in the 2019 general elections. In last year’s assembly elections, the BJP had won a single seat. It has never won a Parliament seat.

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