BJP gets go ahead for Rath Yatra from Calcutta HC, after this verdict

In what could be seen as setback to the ruling Trinamool Congress in Bengal, the Calcutta High Court allowed the BJP’s ‘Rath Yatra’ programme in the state.

With this, the state government’s refusal on apprehensions of communal unrest got rejected.

The court directed the state BJP to inform the superintendents of police of the districts, in which the rallies shall enter, at least 12 hours ahead of schedule.

The party was also directed to ensure that the ‘Yatras’ are conducted abiding by the law and shall not impede normal movement of vehicular traffic.

Justice Chakraborty said that the petitioner BJP will be vicariously responsible for any damage or loss of public property.

He also directed that the police shall deploy adequate force to ensure that there is no breach of law and order.

The party had planned three ‘Rath Yatras’ from different parts of the state.

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