BJP lawmaker says Lord Hanuman ‘world’s first tribal’ !!

Gyan Dev Ahuja is Alwar MLA from BJP party

In another of the series of weird remarks, the BJP lawmaker Gyan Dev Ahuja has stated that Lord Hanuman was the world’s first tribal.

Gyan Dev Ahuja is Alwar MLA from BJP party.

Ahuja believes that Lord Hanuman was ardently revered by tribals of the country as he formed an army comprising adivasis, who were trained by Lord Ram.

The MLA added that he was disturbed at seeing a photograph of Hanuman ji being disrespected during April 2 Bharat Bandh protest.

In his interaction with the media persons, Ahuja said that Hindu deity was the first god among tribals.

It need be recalled that Ahuja had back in February 2016 had claimed that 3,000 condoms and 2,000 liquor bottled are found every day on JNU campus.

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