BJP legislator makes this comment , kicks up row

Congress has called for Kadam's arrest

In what has kicked up a storm, a local legislator in Maharashtra is alleged to have told the boys at a dahi handi event that girl can be kidnapped for marriage even if she does not like it.

The man in the eye of the storm is MLA Ram Kadam who made the comment in Ghatkopar Assembly constituency in Mumbai.

Even as the MLA said that his comments are distorted, the opposition parties have come out condemning.

The comment as per local media sources said that “What will I do if parents approve? I will kidnap the girl concerned and hand her over to you (for marriage)” in Marathi language.

The BJP ally Shiv Sena is now demanding Kadam to apologise while also asking the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis as to what action would be taken against the MLA for such a derogatory remark.

Commenting on Kadam’s statement, the Nationalist Congress Party said it highlighted “Ravana-like” face of the BJP.

The Congress has called for Kadam’s arrest.

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