BMW driver hit multiple vehicles, gets arrested in Mumbai

driver has been identified as Mehmood Alam.

It is suspected to be a case of drunken driving as a BMW car hit multiple vehicles and pedestrians in south Mumbai on Saturday night.

Sources said that the police chased the car for a stretch of 4-km between Reay Road and Kidwai Road before they were able to nab the driver.

The driver has been identified as Mehmood Alam.

Police said that he took out the car at around 12:30 am on Saturday.

As he hit one person, he began to perhtried running away and in the process hit more people and vehicles, police said.

The owner of the vehicle had left for Dubai a day before.

After police intercepted the driver, a group of angered locals thrashed him and attacked the car.

Police said action will be taken against the driver.

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